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How to play Tank Trouble Deathmatch?

The only thing you do in the game is to navigate on a 2-D map, and fire.

In a two-player mode, Player 1 uses Q to fire and E, D, S, F to move forward, backward, left or right respectively. Player 2 uses M to fire and UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT arrow keys to move in respective directions. 

In a three-player mode, Player 1 and Player 2 use the same keys as described above. Player 3 uses a mouse to navigate and LMB to fire.

Quick tip: your own bullet can bounce back and blow up your tank!

General overview:

Tank Trouble Deathmatch is yet another addition to the well-known collection of Tank Trouble games played via your favorite browser. Unlike the classic version of the game, in the deathmatch mode, only offline multiplayer is supported. It means that two or three people can play the game against one another with a single computer. The game is played in a randomly generated maze each successive round; map shape, maze structure, and spawn spots are all due to change. So, you certainly will not be bored by playing this game with your friend(s). In-game, there are momentary upgrades available. The only upgradable unit is the tank gun. For example, you might get an upgrade which gives you a tracking missile as your weapon ammo. With this, when you fire, a rocket missile tracks your enemies in the vicinity and chases them down to blow them up.

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