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Tank trouble 2

Tank Trouble 2 is a very simple, yet very addictive and entertaining game. This game is a succession to the initial release of the original Tank Trouble in 2015, so most things are the same except for some minor bug fixes. This game features multiple game modes such as 1-player, 2-player and even 3-player. Overall, you will have trouble finding a better online tank game!.

How do you win the game?

In a single player mode, you play against a computer controlled Laika tank. You must navigate through the maze, shoot the bullets and destroy the other tank. Then, the winner gets 1 point and the game restarts with a different maze. So, the goal is to win as many rounds as possible. To win, you must be the last surviving tank. The scoreboard keeps track of the wins. The same is true for two or three player modes.

Features of the game

Besides the multiple player modes, Tank Trouble 2 features in-game momentary upgrades. As you start playing, you will hear crash sounds which indicate that new upgrades are available. You will also see them on the map. You must pick them up to upgrade your tank gun. Customizability is another feature of this game. Do not forget to check the settings of the game. It allows to enable/disable certain weapons. In addition, you can choose what types of maps should be played. You can choose random maps, the ones shipped with the game, and even what other people made!

How to play?

  1. First player uses arrow keys to navigate and “M” to shoot.
  2. Second player uses ESDF to navigate and “Q” to shoot.
  3. Third player uses mouse to navigate and left click to shoot.

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