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About game

How to play the game? Use the arrow keys to move the tank. Use the mouse to aim and the LMB to shoot.  It can be a little bit challenging to pick up the controls at first but try multiple times before giving up.  Tank storm Tank Storm is a different flavor in the online tank games type. It is a mission-based game where you control a tank from above, go through a map where you can only progress linearly. In this game, unlike others, you control a realistic tank which has three different types of bullets: normal caliber, heavy bullet, and a rocket missile. Your enemies are soldiers, lightly armored military vehicles, heavily armored tanks, stationary heavy machine guns, and even helicopters! Your objective is to destroy the enemies along the way and collect the assets. Assets include money and ammo. With ammo, you can upgrade your tank’s characteristics such as health, vehicle speed, rate of fire, etc. You can either buy the ammo with the money or collect them as assets. So, you do not have unlimited resources. Tank Storm offers you three levels of difficulty: easy, normal and hard. Even with the easy mode, this game requires some practice. At every point in the game, whether you reach the checkpoint or not greatly depends on the flexibility of your controls and the choices you have made at previous checkpoints. So, in Tank Store, only practice can make you perfect. Your ultimate goal is to go through the soldiers and tanks to reach the boss tank. Once the boss tank is defeated only then do you win the game.

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