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About Game

Slope Unblocked is a “matrix”-looking running game which is playable in a browser and a smartphone alike. The goal in the game is simple and straightforward. A ball is dropped on a downhill never-ending slope with short width. You, as a player, are supposed to keep the ball on the track and avoid the red barriers for as long as you can as the ball speeds up gradually. This may seem easy but failing to play it for more than a minute will assure you of my argument that it is extremely hard. About 40 seconds in, the barriers become squiggly and barriers start moving. The slope’s width also starts shortening so you have less legroom to move around horizontally.

Slope Unblocked also has a scoreboard where the maximum score, as of writing this, is 193. However, it keeps updating every few days. If you beat it, you can register and submit your score and your username will appear in the scoreboard.

If you start the game over, which I am sure you will do many times, you will find that you get a different sequence of barriers every time. This is good as it keeps boredom away during gameplay. Also, you get to challenge yourself with transitions from certain barriers to others. This will help you get better at the game because you will master how the falling ball can be controlled in different situations. If you cannot do well at first, do not just blow it. If you are playing in your browser, try playing in a smartphone. Maybe, you do it better there, or vice versa. It depends on the player and make sure to find your comfortable medium.

How to play Slope Unblocked?

A to move left, D to move right, or left and right arrow keys.

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