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About Game

Shell Shockers is an online IO-style, first-person shooter game with some tweaks which make it unique in its own right. In fact, it would be more accurate to say that it is a “first-egg” shooter game since in the game you are an egg with a gun, killing the eggs in the other team! If you have only played classic IO games, you may find Shell Shockers different for several reasons; you can check it out yourself. In the game, your goal is to climb the scoreboard ranking in either of the following modes: teams, Captula the Spatula (capturing flags) or FFA (free for all). In all these modes, you have four different weapon loadout options – Free Ranger, Scrambler, Soldier, and Eggsploader. All of these have to be used in respective situations in which they are effective. You need to adopt specific skillset to play with any of these weapons. So, you will need to spend some time playing with each of them.

As you accumulate kills in the game, you are rewarded with something called “Golden Eggs” with which you can buy weapon skins, special outfit for your egg etc. This game has a learning curve unlike most other IO games.

Here are a few guidelines to help you stay alive:

  • Spend time with a single weapon. This will help you master how to use it efficiently.
  • Stay still to improve accuracy of your shots.
  • Avoid open spaces. Instead, use barriers as covers.
  • Use grenades. They are highly effective to counteract multiple enemies.
  • Do not forget to use the pistol if you run out of ammo in your primary weapon. This will save your egg’s life!
  • C – Camera.
  • T – Top View.
  • B – Rear View.
  • M – Menu.
  • Space – Break.
  • G – switch between auto / manual gear. PgUp/PgDown – gear shift.
  • R – Reset Car, if you get stuck.
  • H – Police Lights for the police car.

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