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About rogue soul 2

Rogue Soul 2 is a 2D online game featuring a bandit whose goal is to loot enemies and basically anything he finds on the way. However, if you play the game long enough, you will find that he is more than a bandit as he starts saving innocent captives from cages. Each round will have different objectives including freeing captives, collecting coins and treasures, etc. As you progress through the game, you will get access to newer outfit, costumes and weapons. A market is also there for you to purchase new items. The game has its own unique atmosphere and is intended for a single player. So, you feel comfy, you might want to explore the world of bandits!

You will find a lot of skins and multiple moves you can unlock, multiple upgrades and black-market item purchases to make. In the beginning, the game will show you the controls.

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