Play Raft Wars Multiplayer

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About game

Raft Wars Multiplayer is a multiplayer version of the original Raft Wars game. The game provides nice, colorful graphics and a true online multiplayer experience against all players around the world. Your objective in the game is to shoot down the three members of your enemy team from a long distance. The teams are located on boats in the sea and shoot each other in turns. The first team to eliminate all members of the other team gets to win. After winning rounds, you get the chance to upgrade your weaponry and defense structures. You can also upgrade the characters beginning with a kid all the way to a medieval knight. As you play, you must check the Daily Quest tab to see what accomplishments you can pursue. Fulfilling those will give you extra coins you can use to make upgrades

How to play Raft Wars Multiplayer?

Use mouse to drag, aim and shoot. Also, use your mouse to perform other logistical actions.

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