Play Mini Royale 2

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About game

Mini Royale 2 is yet another massively played first-person shooter multiplayer game with a large map where you are deployed along with your enemies. Your goal in the game will be to collect weapons first, find a good spot to kill your enemies, avoid the poisonous shrinking gas and be the last man surviving this massacre. There are way too many weapons to choose from, choose the one you can find ammo for. Not all ammo can be used with any weapon. If you start being picky about weapons, enemies might sneak up on you and kill you. Always try to be close to the center of the map. This way you can be sure you do not have to escape the toxic gas. 

How to play Mini Royale 2?


  • WASD to move
  • F to pick weapons
  • RMB to zoom
  • LMB to fire
  • Q & E to lean left or right
  • C to crouch
  • Left-Shift to walk silently.

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