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Сlash of tanks

Clash of tanks is a real-time online tank game where two bases are at war with each other. Each base has one main stationary tank which shoots at anything that comes close enough. There are also two other stationary tanks which are weaker than the main one but still do a ton of damage to the other party’s tanks. Your goal in this game is to decide when, where and which tank to dispatch into the battle. You will this opportunity every few seconds. You do not control the tanks, the game does it automatically. If you lose all stationary tanks, you lose. So, the main idea in the game is how strategic you are and how well you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the tanks, so you know which tank would counteract the enemy invasion.

How to play Clash of tanks?

Use mouse to drag a tank to the battlefield. Remember, the position of the tank matters.

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