Happy Wheels

It is possible to get bored while dealing with the real life because the real life experiences consist of lots of problems and troubles. Remember you always have a right to want to take a refreshing break. My personal advice is to clear your mind by playing online unblocked games. Here is one of those, Happy Wheels. This bloody action game impresses many game developers with its unique gameplay. However, you need to know that Happy Wheels contains many violence scenes such as flying body parts and squirting blood, so if you do not have tolerance for these, you should just check another game.

As I need to mention your purpose in the game, it is to go as far as possible across each level without getting injured. Even the smallest body part injuries will result in dying and losing the game. Thus, you should be very careful and also patient in order to accomplish your purpose during the gameplay. Also, you should take really serious to protect your head that is the most important part of any body.

How To Play Happy Wheels

With clicking on the “Play Demo” button, you will see there are 9 game environments. This means that there are 9 levels of Happy Wheels. In order to start the game, you should firstly select one of these 9 game environment, and then you should choose your character.

The game controls are the Arrow keys, Z and space bar. The Arrow keys allow you to move your character.

  • Up Arrow: You can use this key to accelerate.
  • Down Arrow: You can use this key to decelerate.
  • Right Arrow: You can press this key to lean forward.
  • Left Arrow: You can press this key to lean back.
  • Z: You can use this key to eject.
  • Space bar: You can press this key to make your character jump.
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