2 player games

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About 2 player games

Games come in a variety of modes – single or multiplayer (online), 1 VS 1 (vs. computer) etc. However, one of the most underestimated modes is online two player game mode. Unlike other modes, where you can play with other people online or even enjoy yourself in a single mission-based game, two player mode particularly shines in a situation when you and your friend want to enjoy your time to avoid untimely boredom. In two player games, you and your friend can play at the same computer with the same keyboard or you could use the mouse depending on the game. In addition to that, there are plenty of games that offer this mode. For example, take Tank Trouble – a widely played game which not only offers two player but single and even three player modes. So, no friend left without fun! Some games are specifically designed in two player modes, such as Tug War series.

People differ in preferences, so do players. Some players prefer to play with their friends in an MMORPG-type online game while chatting on a Discord server while others prefer playing an online two player game alongside their friend. Both can be fun in their own right. Usually, when you are playing online, you play a heavy 3D desktop game, but that is unlikely if you are playing in real time with your friend with a single keyboard. Playing in real time, at the same computer places another level of face-to-face genuine interaction and some real fun on top of the fun gained solely by playing the game.

Online browser games, no matter the mode you choose to play are very lightweight and can be played even with a decade old computer while the full blown MMORPG games can be so heavy that playing without the latest graphics cards may even be impossible. This is a very important distinction because you certainly will not have any technical difficulties which you can have with big games. In addition, you can play them anywhere. You do not need to carry your heavy personal computer to a friend’s house to play your favorite desktop game. All you need is any computer with a browser installed.

Fun can be much more genuine with two-player modes. Say you are playing Tank Trouble and both (or all three) of you fire the gun against each other. In this case, the anticipation of the outcome builds up in a real face-to-face manner where every moment adds to the fun and unlikely outcomes can bring true laughter.

What happens when you and your friend get bored by playing your favorite online game? Usually, people end their daily gaming session there because either only of them owns the new game they want to play or none of them. This will not happen with two player games because you can easily start the new game in your browser. No worries at all. And, of course, almost all of those games will be freely available, you won’t pay a penny. And you can start playing a new game in a few seconds because they are very lightweight and widely available.

Rest assured that there is no perfect game mode you will never get bored of. However, you can choose to play video games with your friends either online or in real-time depending on the situation. Maybe you two live far away from each other, then go ahead with regular online multiplayer and avoid the unnecessary hassle to commute. However, if you gather to do something and get bored with it, you can easily cheer up by playing any of the two player games you like.

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