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Instructions – Simple Guide to the newbies:

The easiest part of the above-described game is the simplicity of using it. You will need no more than 4 keyboards to navigate the tank properly. The up, down, left and right arrows along with space bar will help you control the machine. Before getting into the game play mode, you will have to choose the basic feature, there are three of them available right now, one, two and three player modes, you can freely choose any of them and start the journey of becoming the underground hero of the tanks.

Tank Trouble – General overview:

There is vast majority of games available for millions of people worldwide, looking for the best possible ways of entertaining themselves. Unfortunately, many of them lack the so-called gaming experience that literally everyone looks for. After learning ins and outs of the Tank Trouble, we’ve decided to talk bit more about it, providing you with all the mandatory information before getting into it. Basically, it’s a death match type of game, where you as a player have to fight for the win. The visuals themselves perfectly blend with the characteristics of the target audience, starting from the grey colored tanks all over minimalist maze, dotted with tiny bullets. Additionally, at some points players will be given a chance of somehow customize their machines, adding varieties of accessories to them, giving them ability to showoff while battling against the competitors. As a matter of fact, they’re currently hosting a giveaway for the designers only, enabling them to win a ‘Fistful of Dimitrium’, but don’t forget the fact that you should use the imaginary parts of your brain to get the work done in the shortest period of time, no more than a week is left until the deadline. Just grab piece of paper and get ready to create something unordinary, loved by thousands of people in different nations. We should as well mention the well-known feature of the game, also known as clan wars. You can anytime invite your friends and family members to the guild and build the team, which will participate in the upcoming tournaments. We do understand the fact, that it’s not as easy as it sounds, but after playing for hours and hours, you will eventually gain enough experience to do so. Once you’re ready for the change, format the club and compete against others for claiming the status of the best ones.


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